Physical Exercise and Dissociation

Running – and in the end, shamelessly crawling – up and down the stairs of the Landfill hill (quirky name, eh?), I could feel the vibration of every cell in my body. I could feel the clothes sticking against my back from sweat and rain. I could taste the salt of the perspiration dripping down my face. I could feel the thump-thump-thump of my running shoes against the wooden stairs, and the slick metal of the railing against my fingertips and palm. I was, and we were, at home in our body. I had regained agency, I was my own … Jatka artikkeliin Physical Exercise and Dissociation

15 Minutes Inside #2 – 6/19/15 at 6:44pm

We just made lemon loaf in Momma’s oven and had a sauna Lilu got purple hair dye on Momma’s towel, Momma’s going to be angry Unicorns I love them unicorns I love them unicorns I love– I’m so tired of all this, I feel so hopeless here, there is no point Everyone tone it the fuck down, I’m trying to take a nap here! –them unicorns I love them L when do we see minions again? I am staring into a blooming hole in the darkness and it is sucking me in Why the fuck are my teeth so sticky? … Jatka artikkeliin 15 Minutes Inside #2 – 6/19/15 at 6:44pm