Little Children

Little children live in my lungs
Filling my alveoli with little white stones
The kind you see surrounding fountains

I escaped the castle upon
Fairy wings
Red from the putrid air

Little children live in my legs
Filling my muscle cells with flies
The kind you see surrounding a carcass

I flew over the purple river
The purple plains
Clarity fleeing my fibers

Little children live in my bones
Filling my marrow with Twinkie stuffing
The kind that never goes out of date

My wings grew tired at
The first world
The worms slowly crawling inside
Little children live in my womb
Ruminating on the shreds of my
Naked placenta,

Stalking my cervix for the
Arrival of the killer.


8 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Little Children

  1. Quite the journey from fairies to carcinogens, & I love the look & the sound of it, reading it aloud for effect. I like the lines /I escaped the castle upon/fairy wings/red from the putrid air/. My fave so far out here on the Wordle trail.

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  2. A difficult read, at once it flows beautifully like a happy song and yet, it is so very sad and dark- well constructed — and yes, life breathes as death sits waiting … waiting.

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