Repair the Damage

She chiseled off the stain
With a razor blade, splinters
Of skin skewered to the
Sides in a luminous red W
I did my best to repair the
Damage, the remaining tissue
Lucid and feckless as I
Licked off the blood
Simmering in dark iron
And erythrocytes, I felt
The drum of our pulse
Receding in the rattle


6 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Repair the Damage

  1. I feel the rattle, hear it too, as if one of our selves were a snake that could strike back. But I also smell the blood as in new blood cells repairing old. We must Chisel out of our cages and survive! I am sure I didn’t understand your entire poem, but this is how I felt its power.

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  2. A powerful poem – one of survival most certainly – the line ’Simmering in dark iron And erythrocytes’ – stood out for me..sometimes you need a clinical detachment in order to carry out such self destructive behaviours..i hear you

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