Demon (The Way I Wish It Were)


She sat on the edge of the bed with her suitcase crunched between her ankles, her hands gripping the handle as though the floor beneath her would soon dissolve and disappear. The police cars passing along the small driveway lit the room up with green and blue shades of light, bright enough to have her squint and shrink down against the bed. In the darkened windows she searched for those familiar faces, their hands cuffed, their bodies like those of ghosts, their lives slipping away because of her words. No tears left her eyes but she knew she was crying as her body slowly convulsed, her vacant, breathless cries echoing about the green walls of the hospital room. What had she done?

She began thinking back to the moment she had been led around the labyrinth-like ward, her feet cold on the floor, her nails digging into her sides as…

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