Dear safety pin(s)


Prompt by Illogical Being 

”Pick a favorite object that has useful or sentimental value. Write this object a letter of appreciation.”


It is a puzzled course that our little world has taken. Not very much one that you saw coming when you were substituting buttons in my denim overalls (yes, both the brown and the blue ones, you have been helpful, I give you that), shiny and silvery when the sun or any other source of light spared you some of their luminescence.

I’ve used you for crafts, and also while sewing things, I’ve made little moons and lockets and creatures out of you — but never, dear safety pin(s), have I used you for that very thing in your name; safety. Now, I know you may be taking me for one of those morons who take things too literally — hell, then I’ll be a double moron if…

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