Noaidi (Between the Fire and the Sky)

What shall I give?
Penance is awaited
Of my earthly body
Libation expected of
My mortal hands,

An offering to the
Drum, destitute
My soul necessitating

What shall I give?
To heal this ghastly
Wound, to encrust
This lewd laceration
Slowly oozing


8 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Noaidi (Between the Fire and the Sky)

  1. There is definitely a healing nature of art – and of music.
    What do we really have to give – nothing. Our arts, our talents maybe
    that can be used to create some good and some healing.

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  2. often we think we have to do the big things to make an impact – over the years i’ve learned that the little things along the way – a helping hand – a smile – an encouraging word make all the difference and can change someone’s world in the most amazing way

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  3. I find that macro-shots with my digital camera capture the miniature moments. For some reason, after 50 years of writing, I never achieve such modicum wonders with poetics; been called the Viscount of Verbosity.



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