Cannibalistic Habits


Cannibalistic habits
We sleep through emergencies
Revelry in the morning
We didn’t die tonight
We didn’t die tonight,
I steal glances at strangers
I rob moments of privacy
I stare them in the eyes
I’ll make them uncomfortable
Because they sleep soundly
While during the night I scream
And I scream and I scream
And there is no end to it inside
The walls are too tall and my head,
It is curved and separate, it spins
Like the tilted cube on top of a shopping mall
Come buy come buy come buy and become happy
The silence is deaf and the darkness is blind
I see I see I have x-ray vision and I see too much
I curl up into a ball in the dark
I do not exist—
You do not see me so I am not here
You suckle to the shreds of hope stuck in…

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