And Because the Light Was On, We Forgot About the Monster

There was a time I knew how to be angry.


I’ll shed my skin
A snake, I disembark
This tale of
Biblical proportion,
Umbilical, the tie stays
A knot of blood and
Raw blubber,
And I want to
Slit the wrists of
This weak sick body
Plant the name on
The cervical push
That let me out
When it
Should not have—
The seed
Deposited like
A piece of gum
I’ll sludge through
This dirty
Motherfucking drawl
As much as I recall
The remedy was not
To be the child—
Not the rosy pink
Tresses of
Muscle that grew
Fuck the medals
They should have
Dropped me,
My head was small enough
My legs thin enough
My cranium still a
Little cracked like a
Door from pushing
Through tissue after
But no, the darkness
Ensues, the oxygen
A mere anecdote
To the universal
Code of flesh
On flesh and
Surgical measures,
One night I shall
Recount the psycho-

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