The Body Issue

Small rant on body shame I wrote a few years ago.


When one googles the word nudity or naked what does one get? Most likely links to adult entertainment sites and whatnot; things we culturally drop in the sexual category, tasteless, dirty, shocking (!), a worldwide taboo that makes your cheeks flush with a shameful heat.

Nudity, in itself, is a big misunderstood word.

I am what you would call a cultural grasshopper. I do not find home in one place or culture, rather a mixture of several. One cultural aspect, however, has always remained with me.

In Europe, particularly Scandinavia, nudity as a whole has a completely different connotation than in Northern America. It is natural, in an utterly non-sexual aspect — a human body, skin upon flesh and bones, hair and nails, scars and moles. It is who we are underneath. And it is not shameful. It is not shocking. It is not dirty. It is not sexual. It…

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