15 Minutes Inside #2 – 6/19/15 at 6:44pm

We just made lemon loaf in Momma’s oven and had a sauna

Lilu got purple hair dye on Momma’s towel, Momma’s going to be angry

Unicorns I love them unicorns I love them unicorns I love–

I’m so tired of all this, I feel so hopeless here, there is no point

Everyone tone it the fuck down, I’m trying to take a nap here!

–them unicorns I love them L when do we see minions again?

I am staring into a blooming hole in the darkness and it is sucking me in

Why the fuck are my teeth so sticky? Holy fucking shit, why lemon?

We’re all just scared out of our minds, never knowing what to do, never knowing what to say. Mother doesn’t know, sister doesn’t know, wife doesn’t know enough. What will they think when they find out their precious L is such a looney? Cuckoo bonkers, right Bunbun?

Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo

Shut her UP.

What in the world is wrong with you today? Hungover from your outing? Have fun with Teddyboy now, did you? Hmm? Oh don’t look at me like that I know he got you right out of your devious-though-stupid plans to drag the body off to Chicago or Denver or Neverland for what would most likely be a 12hr fun ride followed by 12mo in the looney bin.

Dawn, you make me laugh.

No don’t do that no don’t fight don’t Bunbun cry

Oh shush you furball, go curl up with your penguin

Pingu is hibern bibern hibern—

Today, Bunbun?


Quit aggravating Bunny, you’ve done enough to her in the past few weeks

Fine, oh mighty Queen




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