But This Time It’s Not the Same


Destruction plays
A brain in bloom,
A dish of red flesh
Served on a tin platter,

I never said that
I would matter—
Charm them with
A thunderous drawl
Of spit, tongue in the
Slit, I nip and nip

At broken walls
In broken corridors,
Suckling on the remnants
Of sighs and screams
From deep within the

I never thought
I would be the girl
Hiding plasters in
Her panties,
Prying blood out
Of candies, paying
Homage to silent
Ultimatums over
Post-adolescent skin,

Because even within
The pulsing rings thin,
My body a chaos
Of too many selves,
Turgid and lanky in

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7 kommenttia artikkeliin ”But This Time It’s Not the Same

      1. Yes – I’m glad you’re writing out the hurt. It takes great heart and courage to face the pain and move forward. Always know you are valuable and precious. And, you’re pretty good with words.



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