I stare at the sun,
With brand new eyes,
The sleepless night,
Has left a film over
My corneas and I
Can feel it peel split
In the middle like
A rusty zipper—

I’ve anchored my mind
Upon steady sea-borne rocks,
My scalp embellished with thick,
Curly tentacles of mermaid hair,

Floating in waves of
Black water, red and
Courageous as the
Wind finally awakens,

Reborn from the
Womb of night.


4 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Rebirth

  1. I've not visited here before, and my God, you are a true poet. Was there a dream prompt somewhere I missed? Just left Pamela Sayers' site and she also wrote of dreams.

    I am reborn from every one of my dreams (sometimes scary, sometimes like swimming in chocolate), so the ”womb of night” reference was especially lovely. Hope to read you again! Peace, Amy



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