Let the Universe In

My mother always tells me
That my life revolves around technology,
That the touch-screen I clutch in my hands every
Second of the day is determining my
Every move; that every bling and buzz acts
As an activation key to my nervous system,
Zapping me like a dog with an electric collar.

The thought seems comical to me—
That the black-and-pink rectangle in my hand
Merges together the mechanics of
My daily timetable, the emotional and biological
Details of my menstrual cycle, and
The bits and pieces of love letters exchanged
Across seas and continents
It serves as a sort of physical mantra,
A reminder that I, indeed, am connected to
The rest of the world through stellar satellites
And inquisitive search-and-find databases.

My mother always tells me
That my life revolves around technology,
And I usually refuse to admit she is right,
Because every time I hear this question
I get the urge to open all the windows and
Let the universe in,

To prove that my
Daily project of leaving more fingerprints
On the screen of my phone isn’t meaningless.


25 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Let the Universe In

  1. Oh, this was wonderful.

    From the way you wound such difficult words into smooth lines so that they (the ”Wordle” words which today are especially difficult and un-poetic) do not stand out like ”sore thumbs”, to the statements that you've made about technology and life, to the fluid lines you created that transmit your poetic message. All very nice, very grand, and the pleasant irony of it is not lost on the fingerprints that you've left at the end of your piece.

    😉 Randy



  2. Communication is so important. However for every advance we make that is so wonderful we do lose something too, sometimes for ever.


  3. Lovely how you made this flow so beautifully with the words. I'm a newbie and am in awe of what I am seeing. Not sure prose is my strong suit but I see have a great mentors.


  4. smiles…i love how technology connects us… a colleague of mine does geo tagging..he says he uses million dollar satellites to find a tupper box in the dirt…makes me smile… hey…have fun in berlin – you will love the city


  5. So much of so many people's lives revolve around technology. It seems oftentimes that it is technology that brings the universe to US.


  6. nice…i think we do revolve around tech for the most part…its a blessing and a curse…it connects us in ways we never could otherwise…but i think too it have taken away some of the personal touch…so open those windows up….smiles.


  7. I think we are all leaving fingerprints, to prove our existence isn't meaningless. But aye, the net has certainly opened that window and let the universe in. I never thought of it in those terms before.


  8. Wow! So much truth in this – yes our lives do revolve by technology, but it also connects us to more wonderful virtual friends all over the world, that we could never hope to meet without the screens and keyboards. I loved reading your poem.


  9. It is amazing how technology has gone so far ~ We can go so far and connect with people half the world away ~ The challenge for me is always when to stop and disconnect, and let the nature and universe come and touch my face ~ Happy OLN ~



  10. I get the urge to open all the windows and
    Let the universe in,

    🙂 We can get carried away, but perhaps traveling so far and ”meeting” others has some merit… But yes, so important to jump through that window and embrace nature (but don't forget the cell phone 🙂


  11. ”To prove that my
    Daily project of leaving more fingerprints
    On the screen of my phone isn’t meaningless.” My Mom’s the same, but then again she didn’t grow with tech and it changes so fast it is hard for us older ones to keep up with. But, your fingerprints are not meaningless.

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  12. SMiLes.. aLL of language
    is siGn language from
    non-verbal language
    to vocal words.. to
    on screens
    of Internet
    Lore.. Love..
    and or fact..
    to connect
    is real..
    to not
    is not
    simple and
    or complex but True..
    with all that SAID..
    i’d rather dance
    than write..
    seem less
    afraid.. more often..
    to connect.. now..
    when they leave
    their dancing
    but never
    the less.. or
    and more..
    i WRiTE
    and PraNce..
    as WeLL.. as FREeD..;)

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  13. How nice to revisit this one.. Technology is the magic web around us.. and how we can really be drawn into it, almost without knowing it… for aged people like me, I know there was time before when this it existed.. but today it’s like air or water.

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  14. Very nice! I do like to think of the universe flying in every time we spend time with our devices…. and I, like you, believe that the fingerprints we leave ARE meaningful. Look at all of the connections here in the blogosphere!

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