Pill[free] life

I am to a large extent a believer in natural medicine. In short, natural medicine favors a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment by encouraging minimal use of surgery and drugs. I hate pills, I think dietary supplements are a lazy easy-way-out when considering a healthy diet. But in a way, I am at war with myself. Let me demonstrate.

On the left we have a visualisation my 3-6 month intake in prescription drugs and dietary supplements, mostly vitamins, including but not limited to: Cipralex 10 MG (two pills a day, antidepressant), Mirtazapin 15 MG (one pill a day, mood-affecting sleep-aid), Melatonin 3 MG (one to three pills when I can’t sleep), two types of multivitamin pills I alternate on, two types of calcium-magnesium-chromium pills I alternate on, vitamin B complex, iron citrate pills (one per day), Oxazepam 15 MG (sedative, 1/2 to one pill for anxiety when needed). This of course excluding painkillers and cold medicine and allergy medicine and my asthma inhalers. I’m currently on 1 G Paracetamol for pain since I fell on Monday and bruised/cracked my ribs, ouchie….

Quite a paradoxical situation isn’t it? I have for a while now wanted to take a little step forward and at least cut my intake of dietary supplements to a minimum and just make some more research on my diet and just eat more of the things with the needed vitamins and minerals in them. I guess I’ve just been lazy – and I hate that. I’m vegan, so I need extra calcium, B-vitamins, D-vitamins and iron. I know mostly of where to get all of those, so why aren’t I making the move of just quitting the pills? I have one reason for you: m-o-n-e-y. As the parent I currently live with has reminded me several times, my money is not my money. I have no steady income, except my allowance from both of my parents and my grandfather, most of which goes to pay off dance and school expenses. I get to have jobs every now and then but being at the academic level I am it isn’t exactly the most high-paying jobs that I get.

But maybe upgrading my diet wouldn’t be such an economic difficulty?

I had my dosage on my antidepressants raised just now. Not of my own wishes, actually I was against it. But I’ll tell you it’s hard to fight against a ”professional” who supposedly knows what you need. Due to the little upgrade I have become way too antidepressed, so to speak. I cannot feel anything for anything/anyone at times. It’s like I have mental blockage against sadness and anger. And then, after a few days… BAM it all explodes, all the feelings rush in at the same time. Me no likey.

Adding to my dosage means it will take me more time (more years) to finally be able to live without mood-affecting medication. The trick is that it promotes different kinds of activities and hormonal changes in my brain, and my little brain gets used to it and like trying to live without cigarettes all of a sudden after chain-smoking for years, it gets withdrawal symptoms when I try and go without them. So in the end, prescription drugs are, as I have mentioned already, a lazy easy-way-out for medicare. It is easier for them to prescribe me drugs and have me pay instead of them looking for therapists for me and doing all the work, which, I thought rather naively, was supposed to be their job.

The actions promoted by prescription drugs could be achieved through an upgrade in your diet

All this hocus-pocus medical business is, in the end, based on natural resources. It comes together with my veganism. I know for a fact that many of my medication is indeed animal-based and animal-tested. It makes me feel like a more or less unintentional hypocrite. What my drugs do, namely amp up my dopamin levels, could be achieved through the magical world of FOOOOOOD.

So why do we have to make it so goddamn difficult? I want real solutions, real changes in my life. I want the helpers (aka professionals aka psychiatrists) to promote activity in me not by medication but by serious, heart-felt communication. Give me books to read, give me songs to listen to, give me meditation tips, give me recipes, give me lists of foods to make my brain produce more happy-hormones – but please, please, please do not prescribe me pills.



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