The Broken Umbrella

Leave a light on,
The teddy bear tickles
An itchy red nose,
Clutched to the chest
Tightly wound arms,
The window shows a
View of thunder, clouds
Of a deeper blue as
The horizon stretches
Across forbidden plains,
She breathes fast and in
Short gasps, toes curled in
A state of mild fear—
Shifts of electricity,
A bolt of lightning across
The broken cerulean,
One-elephant, two-elephant,
The moments
When your teddy bear was
A fierce midnight warrior,
Shining silver armor
In the dark elements of
A childhood forlorn,
The red curled
Fingers around the metal
Of your umbrella,
Rubber boots squishy in
The dark gray mud—
Excuses to become
Brave against the world,
When nature joined forces
In starting a fright—
Inside your belly,
That sweet tucking lurch,
You wonder why you
Have your father’s
Eyes, the night a soothing
Blur as those little specks
Of dust tickle your nose
In the dark,
A reminder of the safety


12 kommenttia artikkeliin ”The Broken Umbrella

  1. wow…a vicious closure on this…too busy to protect…frig that is heart breaking…really well written drawing the reader in as well…fabulous story telling…


  2. Very sad, all children should be protected and given that sense of safety by their parents or adults in their lives. This is so vivid in its imagery, it gives the reader that sense of torment and overwhelming sadness.
    Great poem.



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