Dreams of Childhood

I saw a businessman on the bus.
He had a fancy suit and a leather case,

Ten or so stops before mine,
He picked up a little girl from
What seemed like her Grandma.

The man took his glasses off,
And his eyes melted once
They landed on the little girl,

Maybe four years old,
Talking to her Daddy with
A wide smile on her face.

And instantly I saw you;
And I saw me,
Talking too much but

You didn’t care,
You took every word,
Every question

And tried your best
To answer.

When I got off the bus,
I leaned onto a traffic sign
And cried.

”The dreams of childhood—
Its airy fables, its graceful,
Beautiful, humane, impossible
Adornments of the world beyond;
So good to be believed in once,
so good to be remembered when outgrown.”
(Charles Dickens)


6 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Dreams of Childhood

  1. I enjoyed where you went with this prompt. What a touching relationship this dad had with his child; and I interpret that it reminded you of your childhood and your dad and perhaps you didn't have the same kind of relationship? It definitely is sad when current things trigger old memories…but all we can do is live today and try to do better with/for those we love.



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