Sensitive Dependence

The long and winding road,
Spreads out in front of me as
I ask for directions from insects
Flying past—
I’ve always spoken to things
That do not speak back,
They whirr in their own sort
Of peace, mostly interested
In my colorful shoes and
The sweet scent of my body butter,
As I give them meaningless names
Losing track of how many I met
On my way to the bus stop.


7 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Sensitive Dependence

  1. I enjoyed this. I too speak to things that don't speak back…no harm in that! And sometimes I imagine what they would say back! A nice write here.


  2. Perhaps in their silence, they are answering you too, but we shall not know 🙂 It's something I do inadvertently too, but it brings me peace somehow!



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