Standing on the Needle

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Standing on the Needle
I’ll hold the secret
Far above my
With hope
My bones won’t
And throttle the
With purple gloves,
Fingers in
My ears
Until the beating


12 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Standing on the Needle

  1. Not entirely sure why some other comments have mentioned lovely/etc imagery, for me this seems a very dark piece. Powerful, yes, and gritty, without giving way to oversentimentality. 'The Beating' that stops could have two or three meanings, all of them nasty. Just the title is a real kicker. You grabbed me by the neck and made me squirm with a title and five very short stanzas. Great job. I think losing the caps at beginnings of lines would aid the flow of this (esp as lines are so short) and make it feel more modern.

    Great poetry here. Nastynice. Standing ON the needle. Oh lord.


  2. Haha, thank you Luke =) I was actually thinking about whether or not it should be with caps or not in the beginning. But my heart went with the caps. I guess it is the grammatical perfectionist in me or something…

    Anywho. Thank you for your comment!



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