Monday Madness #9

Watch it, I bite

Having been away from everything, literally everything, has done me good. I guess you could say I have my raison d’être back (yes, it is epic enough for me to put it all nice and fancy and French). I have a future to work for, glimpses of which I have seen in the past few weeks and I am telling you, it does wonders to ones motivation to have such a reward as to fly off into a happy place for so many days.
I think I am for the first time in years at a place in my life where I could start slowly easing myself off meds. Seeing as I only have three slides of Cipralex left I’d have to book a doctor’s appointment anyhow. This ought to be interesting since I am now part of the adult psychiatric unit instead of the youth version since, unfortunately, I have turned 18 and veered myself away from the safe harbour of doctor(s) I already know and trust. But hey, taking this into positives, at least a new doctor will look at me with new eyes and see that I actually have overcome my depressed state of being. Make sense?
When it comes to sleep I am back to Melatonin for a while now until my jetlag fades (and I get used to sleeping alone again). 
I have been very, very stressed over school this past month since I had to be away because of my trip, and there were complications in settling that over. Now, though, I am pretty much letting it slide. I do my best, I am a good student, if they don’t see that then fuck them. I have been working my ass off for years now, no matter what life has thrown at me and I expect a bit of respect. Worst comes to worst I change schools, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.
I don’t care. I’m happy.

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