Thursday Think Tank #1: Smell

Candy blood
Secret hideaway,
Between a plastic seal
I dwell in the soft,
Elastic feel
Of the metallic taste,
Spreading inside my mouth,
Like ants underneath a sugary rain.
I press my tongue 
To the blackened plain,
Squirming in false delight
As the pearls push through the pores,
The red, symmetric drugstores
Where everything is 
Free of charge,
Marshmallow dreams
And licorice bars.


”What stinks? What do you smell right now that could inspire your pen? What is your favorite smell? Do you like the aroma of a fresh baked pie or fresh picked flowers? Do you cringe as you pass a sewer plant in a hopeless attempt to hold your breath? I have done that only to run out of time and oxygen and ended up inhaling by mouth and nose a double dose of what I wanted to avoid. Smells mean so much to us and yet at the same time we seem to take them for granted. There are limitless examples, the fresh cool breeze that brings the first signs of autumn, the lilacs and mothballs that were at your grandma’s house.”

I could smell licorice, 
which in turn reminds me of the taste of blood. So this is what you get!


11 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Thursday Think Tank #1: Smell

  1. It makes me wonder why you associate the smell of black licorice with the smell of blood, and it's also really well-written and evocative. When I first started reading I thought it might be about that fake-blood energy drink that comes in plastic bags that look like IV bags.


  2. Hi,

    I'm over from Shah's Creation Hop this weekend. I like the image of candy blood. For some reason, I think of cinnamon when I think of candy blood, but I don't think it tastes like that all. Copper penny flavor is not like candy. LOL

    Hope to see you stop by my blog. I posted a poem for my entry this weekend.




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