An illusion of sunlight,
Dehydrated clouds follow me
Into the gutter
Another foil-wrapped packet
On top of the pile,
Misplaced organs,
Dissatisfactory scars
And I run,
The crowd still too close to edge,
As the music plays through
The clanging pipes,
Misled into the subplot
Bleeding through the pores,
And I run.
And run,
But the stream is dry,
The clouds like thin plastic,
Old and weary and out of tears.


13 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Misdirected

  1. First off…I don't think you could have found a more eerie or creepy photo. Would love to know which came first, photo or words. Both are brilliant and so very perfect for each other. Your finish is powerful and very sad…but seriously, still caught up in the whole presentation…well done!


  2. Wow, you are very good with words. So stark and real, this. Very original. And I bet you are just bursting with a never-ending supply of great poems like this. I shall look forward to more of your work.

    Glad to meet you via dVerse.


  3. Hey-

    great to read your work.

    Such a grasping poem with a ghostly beauty.
    The pic couldnt be more suitable – i love your style and voice – it really stands out.

    Some fantastic lines that really seized my attention and froze my imagination long enough to penetrate and impact.



  4. I hopped by from Shah's Blog Hop. Is that an original photo of yours? I like it. I am a photo nut, but I am a dark fiction writer first. My blog is dedicated to all things writing and book related — not just in my genres, either. Hope to see you hop by, if you haven't already.




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