Sunday Scribblings #3: Forward

As in moving, or being too slow, or fast… what can you write about forward?

Life would be ideal
If it had a pause button
Forward, rewind, stop, play.

6 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Sunday Scribblings #3: Forward

  1. I wish! If only we could use the rewind then play over the bits not worth keeping!

    Mind you I don't like the look of that Stop/Eject button.


  2. Yea – I keep hoping for the undo key sequence to work. There are times I would like the fast forward button as well. Have a great week – I found you on the Weekend blog hop.



  3. true words, well put.

    Greetings, Glad to Meet!

    We are starting a poetry community at a Garden Setting, our week 1 writing theme is

    “Adam and Eve” ,

    Please check out our site and prepare to participate,
    The Poetry Picnic is open Sunday, 8pm, American Central Time!
    Hope to see you share your delicious poetry with us.
    Bless your weekend!



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