My toy train just hit a mountain,
I tried to build the tracks around
The river,
But I ran out.
The ceiling fan sprinkles dust
On my little planet,
And I imagine it snowing.
I need a new track.
It settles in now,
The glorious numbness,
Prickling my skin
From the inside.
Ever ever after,
The storybook ending
Hidden inside a gelatin crust.


15 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Analgesia

  1. I'm a poor reader for you as I have never experienced anything like that. Aspirin just works or it doesn't and I carry on; but your imagery is vivid and makes graphic allusions to losing reality in a drug induced world. Thanks, Gay


  2. there was a time when i experimented with drugs and you captured the illusions quite well in your poem – luckily i found a way out of this as it paints pictures of fake worlds and fake freedom, keeps up prisoned and bound and destroys the personality.


  3. Very creative way of talking about pills and drugs… great images too specially these:

    The storybook ending
    Hidden inside a gelatin crust.


  4. hey lilu – just thought i come back and read it once again..sorry if my first comment was a bit rough…your poem took me back into a time i'd rather forget…so guess i got a bit impulsive.. and maybe bri is right and you're not talking that much about drugs but about much more..i too love the broken train…


  5. Thanks for commenting guys. Brian Miller's right here, I'm not exactly talking about drugs into the extent of using non-prescribed ones…


  6. OMG – I love this. Mental health hallucinations and the crappy choices we have as resources for their destruction. Well thats what I read anyway. There are never enough tracks and it keeps on snowing! Great addition to my linky this week – as always. Many thanks! Shah from weekend creation. X


  7. Beautiful imagery….Thank goodness I've never been there. What scares me the most is that if I ever really tried drugs, I'd become dependent and there would be no way out for me.



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