Melt pt. 12

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Melt pt. 12

She glances up at me, her open mouth trailing along the skin of my pelvis. “Is everything okay?”

She must have noticed the black light brush across my eyes, the slight confusion of where I am and what I’m doing. “Yeah,” I murmur, placing two fingers beneath her chin, guiding her up to face me. “Everything’s fine.” 

She grins, catching my lower lip with her teeth as her hand sinks down against me, her palm pinned to my clit as her fingertips tease my core through the fabric of my panties. I grit my teeth, stifling a moan as my head rolls back. I hear her laugh, her palm making a circle against me as her lips travel up the side of my neck. 


“So tell me,” she murmurs, grazing her teeth along my skin, “what do you want?”

I slip my hands to her shoulders, holding my head up again. “Take it off,” I mumble, squirming beneath her as she draws another circle. “All of it. Everything.” I wrap my hands to her neck, kissing her lips.

She curls her fingers around the seams of my top, pulling it slowly over my head, the cloth passing between our lips. She slips her hands underneath my back to remove my bra, placing a kiss on my shoulder as she lets the straps trickle down my arms. I flinch as I hear the sound of breaking glass down the corridor. 


“It’s okay. I just left the glass too close to the edge.” She kisses down my cleavage, her hands pawing at my jeans. She pulls them down to my knees while descending my abdomen, her lips hot on my skin. I laugh as she struggles to remove the clothing from my ankles with my heels still on.

“It might help to—“

“No no, I can get it,” she says, glancing up at me. “It’s all about the angle, you see,” she whispers, mimicking me as she tucks at the jeans, finally managing to get them off me. She looks at me with a bit of worry in her eyes while her lips curl to a grin. “I think I might’ve ripped them a bit. Forgive me?”

She takes a hold of my knees, parting my legs while pulling me closer to the edge of the bed, her lips soon trailing up my inner thigh. I hold my hand to my mouth, biting down on my middle finger as her fingernails scrape along my pelvis, her lips hovering over my clit. She exhales slowly, her hot breath rushing down my slit.

I feel my lungs snap in panic as I hear footsteps down the hall.


“Shh,” she murmurs against me, brushing her tongue down on my clit, making my hands grab her head as I try and focus on the sounds coming from the other side of the door. 

I had the glasses, not her. I put them way back towards the wall.

I space out again as I feel her tongue against me, curling my fingers against her scalp as I press her down. The footsteps stop before coming closer again. My mouth falls open as her lips lock to my clit, sucking on it while her fingers crawl up my abdomen.

Focus, Haley, focus! 

I shut my eyes as the door opens. 


“Hello ladies.” 

Olivia starts laughing, raking her nails down my stomach. 

What the fuck?!

I push her away, sitting up as I hold my legs to my chest. I try not to gag as I see him, standing at the door with nothing but a pair of Garfield boxers on, Garfield’s tail looking a bit too 3-D for me. I look him up and down before holding my hands to my eyes like a little kid.

“Nice boxers,” I say, scrambling around the bed for my clothes. “Garfield looks good on you.”

“What’s wrong?” Olivia says as she walks to Mark, placing her hands on his chest.

I cringe, pulling my panties quickly up my legs while still in my heels, leaving my jeans where they are. I’d only rip them more. Putting my top back on I rush towards the door, grabbing my bra from the carpet. “I’ll leave you two to it,” I mumble as I stride down the hall. 

“Oh, come on,” Olivia says, tiptoeing after me. “Don’t go.”

“Yes, I’ll go.” I put my jacket on, taking my bag from the floor. “Have fun with Garfield.”

I walk out the door, hoping no night-owl neighbor comes up to me. They’d most certainly be in danger of getting a nosebleed. I remove my shoes before running down the stairs, holding my hand to my chest to try and steady my breathing. 

I burst out laughing as I pull my car door closed, holding my hands to my forehead as I try to think which is worse, having to resign from my job tomorrow morning, or the fact that I can never look at Garfield the same way.

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