What do you think of when I say distant?  Distant lands? Distant loved one? Distant look? Distant can be spacial or emotional or just about anything you like. What do you make of it?




headed to outer space
head-first into a rocket, I float
subconciously afraid.


even though far away,
I know it is where I’m going;
a heavy metal death
glaring at me from the distance


maybe between the beginning
and the slow-paced end,
I will find a way to turn around.


maybe then,
I can stare into space,
stars covering my eyes,
my heart a lost balloon.

10 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Distant

  1. Distant definitely has different meanings. To me I think of distant loved ones, for sure.

    And your poems are always good ¤Me¤ 🙂



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