What do you think of captivate?




Living in captivity,
I dream of three walls.


A way of slipping away
Into the dark, lanquid sea


Fluffy clouds of light
Cry upon me with red tears
And leave on me a pattern
As they seep through the chains,


I am held captive
By the mutated wings
Growing out of my back.

9 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Captivate

  1. Interesting and intense at the same time, this piece certainly kept me captive. I have been on an Evinta kick recently so the slight tone of despair helps too. Fantastic write, thanks for sharing with us!


  2. I was a bit moved by this piece so had a look at some of your other work. You have certainly found a formula to impress and depress. I wonder whether if there is a brighter and more positive you also itching to emerge? I do hope so. You are so industrious with your writing that I felt like spending a whole day reading each piece and commenting on them. You have emerged a beautiful butterfly, keep coloring our lives.



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