Not her

Don’t be fooled by
the disciplined afterglow,
The shockwaves still roam,
Growing out of my heart
Like slime,
A carrier cell, planted
Deep inside the tendrils of my memory,
Organs made of insects,
The little devils.
They won’t even talk to me anymore,
Mad at me, cursing in tongues,
Speaking of weapons,
Making me jealous.
And I cannot cry.
I cannot fucking cry,
My mind is a whirlpool,
Spinning yet calm,
Colorless, dull—
It hurts, too many of them
Too many creatures skipping through my veins
Playing fucking hopscotch.
Let it be fiction.
Fiction coursing through me,
Not a memory or a recognition but something fake,
Artificial coloring on an artificial moment,
Frogs, castles, ponies, but no
Not the pliers,
Not the razor,
Not the pills,
Not the towel,
Not the annoying ambulance driver.
Not her.
Definitely not her.


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