Falling off the edge of the world.

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Falling off the edge of the world.
The morning light shuffles in through my half-closed lids. I call it morning, but it might be night. I can still feel his limbs curled around mine like flames licking wood, moving and yet still, heaving from his intake of breath. He is silent but I know he’s awake, his grip on my body growing weaker.
“Are they gone yet?” I whisper, my voice ragged from sleep.
He crosses his forearms over my chest, pressing the tip of his nose to my neck. “No,” he speaks slowly, his fingers digging into my skin. “I can still see the flashlights.”
“But you’re not even looking—“
“They’re still there. I know it.”
I sigh, forcing my eyes open. I find myself gazing into emptiness, a vast hole of white filling the ground. “Where are we?” I try to get up in panic, my body still numb and helpless from the cold.
“Shhh,” he murmurs into my neck, “Calm down. We’re okay. We’re safe.”
I turn my head around to see better, forcing his hands off me as I notice it. The woods we were hiding in are gone; in their place is the white coldness, ready to swallow us. I watch the tiny specks of dust float about the air, spiraling upward like falling, unfledged birds. The sky is nowhere to be seen, eaten by its peers it seems, a big, humid cloud feeding on its own. 
I gasp as I feel his cold fingers on my neck. 
“Remember when you said you would stay with me even if we were falling off the edge of the world? That you wouldn’t need anything as long as you had me? Well, here we are,” he presses his fingertips to my vertebrates, turning my head from left to right, “and you want to leave.”
I turn around to face him, noticing the tears scrambling out of his eyes. 
“What do you mean?” 
He looks into my eyes, smiling sadly. “Look at your hands.”
“But Will—“
He leans in, whispering slowly. “Look at your hands.”
I hold my breath as I glance down, a painful cry crawling out of my mouth as I feel the last bits of the earth crumble beneath me. I see him waving at me as I disappear; the specks of dust piercing through me like hooks and needles.
It is dark now.
”Falling off the edge of the world”

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