I believe I can fly.


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Hello lovelies. I am back at the Indie Ink Challenge again and let’s hope I don’t get myself disqualified again because of family drama. I hate being away from something I’ve grown to love this much. I only got my prompt a few hours ago but my hyperactive mind wanted to write now so… I did. It’s nearly two am so apologies for anything… hard to understand. This week I was challenged by Sir. His prompt for me was:
”What are the things in which you believe or not believe?  Why, specifically?”

I had a bit of trouble understanding this so… Forgive me if my mind made a misinterpretation. I love writing at night and just mumbling on about my life so thanks =P
I believe I can fly
I don’t think I’ve ever been much of a believer in the traditional sense of the word. The thought of someone seeing and hearing everything just gives me the creeps and, above everything else, gives me an enormous amount of stage fright (and no, I am not about to go and quote Shakespear for you). It seems to me that the sense of belief in the Western world is kind of like a house; you always want to make the side that is visible to neighbors look perfect and that it, for the most part, gives a good impression of you and/or your family. Aren’t we like that when in comes to belief and religion — or basically everything else that can be categorized as part of our lives? We like to live under some sort of nametag so that we don’t get bugged with further questions about it. Or we just want to assume the nametag is meant for us as it is and that we cannot erase some letters and put new ones in or throw the tag away altogether. I, for one, don’t live for nametags or labels. I think my mind is way too wavering and treacherous to itself to have a certain status…

I consider myself at the same time simple and way, way too complicated. I, in all simplicity, believe in life, even though my faith in the human race is at times swimming in a deep, muddy ditch — but all in all, life is way too beautiful to not believe in. To go to specifics, the highest marks on my list would go to family. My belief in it has never, ever wavered; in fact it grows stronger every second I spend alive. Here I am, on the balcony, sitting on a curled up wool rug with my little sister while we contemplate the lack of stars on the sky and eat popcorn in candlelight. We’re both a little broken. We’re both a little messed up. We’re both tired and worn. But we’re still here, through the years of screaming and sleepless nights and wounds and hospital rooms and a dozen different therapists. We’re here. And that, just that, makes me believe. It makes me strong even though I have for so long been weak and ruined.

Family is love. Let us hope I don’t sound all corny but I do in fact believe in love. It is an element, an abstract but yet so very physical element that travels thousands of miles faster and safer than the best of airplanes (or helicopters, take your pick).

I’m a bit undecided when it comes to believing in art. It’s hard to believe in something whose definition is ever changing and, inevitably, a lie. Art confuses my brain past the point of madness — and yet I love it.

I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe in heaven or hell or any sort of afterlife kind of place — I adore the mystery. Living forever might be cool but it sounds way too boring to tempt me. I don’t believe in the power of violence as a solution to anything, I’m a peace sort of girl. I also don’t believe in rules; I prefer seeing them as guidelines which we either follow or don’t.

I believe in freedom.
I believe in words.
I believe in unity.

The world is just a big distorted ball of unknown. Belief can either help you or drive you mad, so I try and not let myself believe in too many things… or people. Belief is scary.

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14 kommenttia artikkeliin ”I believe I can fly.

  1. Excellent job!

    We’re both a little broken. We’re both a little messed up. We’re both tired and worn.

    That is my favorite part. It says so much in so few words.


  2. The first paragraph was my favorite. I think a lot of people who ”believe” are saying they do to put on a mask. To fit into a box. Believing IS scary. The world is like shifting sand after all, isn't it? I liked this so much.


  3. Thank you =3 I appreciate your words very much. It was in the middle of the night when I wrote this so I got my fair share of second thoughts =P



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