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 I was happy to be taking part in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge again this week. This week I was challenged by Marian at Runaway Sentence. Her prompt for me was 
Just a single word that had me thinking of a million things to write about… Great. This is what I came up with though. It isn’t sad and depressing like my past entries, so I’m happy about that. 
She lays her dress on the side of the couch, pulling the plug of the iron out, a slight touch of sweat cornering her forehead as she walks to the window. It is already open so she sticks her head out, breathing in the cold night air, letting it caress her neck and her bare abdomen as she closes her eyes, looking out across the street to a window just like her own. She pulls the side of the curtain to cover herself as she watches the shadows portrayed on the closed blinds, counting within her head the floors from roof down.
She leaves the window, opening it further to cool the room down, seating herself next to the dress she had just ironed, a slight sense of longing filling her as she traces her fingertips along the fabric. She fetches a pair of white heels from her drawer, setting them on the floor right below the hem of the dress as though dressing up her invisible self, a faint smile painted on her face as she bites down on her bottom lip and brushes her hair over to one shoulder, the room infuriatingly hot even with the window open and her dress worn by the invisible person on the couch instead of herself.
A cool breeze fills the air around her head as she lays down on the couch, her eyes fixed on the ceiling as her fingers straighten the seam of her panties — white, so they wouldn’t be seen through the dress, not that it would actually matter in the darkness. Darkness…
She closes her eyes, constantly in movement behind her tired lids.
The third storey apartment turns into a deep black sea as her mind drifts to moments accompanied with her warm body, limbs entangled, blinds open because they couldn’t care less, that sunlit morning rimmed with almost-synchronized gasps…
She lets the sugarcoated recollection take her away, that tiny part of her wanting to keep it as a lovely memory haunting her mind instead of another drop adding to her thirst while her fingertips paw her aching flesh. 

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13 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Chasm

  1. oh my girl, what a chasm just one street can be, so many things left unsaid here, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks. you are such a strong writer and of course you got it, the thirst, ache, longing. whoosh. i'm standing here in my morning kitchen with my first cup of coffee and now some kinda bad hankering going on. 🙂 wonderful!


  2. I'm sorry Sunshine, I am as a writer quite dark. I try to rid myself of that sometimes but… Why try be something I'm not? Haha. I write about bright things too… I think…

    Anyways. Thanks =D


  3. great, great job. i really love reading your writing; your words are just so lovely together. more than what you said here, though, i love the enigma of what you didn't say. perfect use of intrigue. so happy you're back in the challenge! 🙂


  4. Yes, there is some darkness here, but I think it's more like the kind of darkness that is super sexy. And I love it. So glad you're back in the challenge!


  5. First of all, I was THRILLED to read your intro and know that this was a happier piece because, second, your writing haunts me (in a good sense). Your words and imagery tug at my heartstrings and stay with me for days. This piece was no exception. I loved it.



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