I once saw a man whose hands were bright orange.

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I once saw a man whose hands were bright orange…
I once saw a man whose hands were bright orange. His collar, of lace and light blue buttons, seemed to be pressing tightly into his skin as he strode toward me, his face a mask of pure innocence as his arms flew forward. He took off his glasses and placed them in his breast pocket, orange fingerprints tainting his white cotton shirt as his digits trickled down to his waist, pulling down at the hem. I drew in a breath and held my palm to my mouth. I didn’t want to be detected from within the rest of the dark shelves.

The rough timber hugged me close as I inched closer to the wall, my eyes on the man as he turned the tap on at the corner of the room. Gazing at him hazily through the mirror I let my body tremble from the strain, his cold, iris-free eyes gazing into the silvery pond hanging on his wall sending warning signals all over my back. But how could I ever fear a clown?

His eyes looked from left to right before settling on the ground, his eyebrows rising to meet his dropped hairline. I bit down on my tongue as he reached up to remove his nose, the red, squished foam ball revealing a black little hole gaping from beneath some misplaced bones. It was strangely beautiful, how he glanced up at the mirror with his empty face, his eyes slowly moving to the left.

I jumped up at the sound of his coughing, something metallic falling to the floor. I flinched as I felt something roll to my feet, inching to the left to let it get to the wall. But he’d already noticed me. I was finally rid of air as his white eye met mine. Playtime.


I missed registering/signing up for the Indie Ink Writing Challenge this week cause of some drama at home (sigh…) , so I did a post for the archive meme. Hope you guys like it =)

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6 kommenttia artikkeliin ”I once saw a man whose hands were bright orange.

  1. oh good lord, clowns are terrifying. also? you are terrifying. in all the best ways. i wanted that timber to hug me close while i was reading this. what a line that is, so descriptive!
    i get to challenge you this week, love. i think i'm gonna give you the first prompt i submitted here the first week. repeats are allowed, right? it's a good one and you'll knock it over, i am sure. xoxo



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