While sirens run in circles.

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Hello world :] This week in Indie Ink Writing Challenge I was challenged by Andrea. Andrea’s prompt was:

”Write about a blind man falling in love”

I hope I did her prompt some justice =) This was a tough one but I liked it very much. This is not one of those omg-I’m-in-love-and-can’t-stop-thinking-about-her/him stories. I like making things different.

While Sirens Run In Circles
He sets her down on the bed, dragging his palm along the length of her lower limbs to find the unraveling corners of the blanket. Humming quietly he strokes her hot cheeks, the odd temperature sounding off in alarm bells within his cranium. He can still remember the bright glow of her hair in the winter sun, those few, short days when she and him were of equal existence. Now, sick and shivering she sleeps through the days, a mask of worry planted over his head like a brown paper bag with unnecessarily many eyeholes. He would need only one to feel the light.
A shallow sweetness fills the room as he opens the window, the air but a skeletal frame within the cold wind of early spring. He draws in a slow, steady breath, the oxygen-rich breeze revitalizing his tired lungs as he flicks through the last of his visual memories. Her light purple dress in the cold winter rain, her dirty blond hair in knots from running around… How beautiful she was in that moment of terror, beautiful in the midst of all that chaos. It makes him smile, the way he remembers it, the rest of the world a comfortable blur while she twirled around the police cars like a lost child.
And in fifteen minutes it was gone.
He grabs the towel from the table beside him, counting the eleven steps it would take to get to the sink in the bathroom. He had had the door removed after walking into it multiple times, even though, most days, he still feels for the doorknob in the air. Passing the small towel through the water-filled sink he speaks to her, in words and phrases familiar to him from the past. He knows that if they were to find her he would have her killed with the tiny pocketknife hidden beneath the mattress she lay on. No pain. No fear — just his sweet, sorrow-free voice seeping through her eardrums, lulling her to an eternal sleep.
He presses the towel gently to her forehead, smiling even though she won’t see it. To him she is still the young girl in her purple dress, dancing in the icy rain while sirens run in circles. He needn’t eyes to know true beauty. He never did.

9 kommenttia artikkeliin ”While sirens run in circles.

  1. yikes!
    i am not exactly clear on what's happening here. but i love your writing and the way you describe these people and this scene. talent, you have.
    more please!


  2. Thanks so much Marian and nuts4fruits ^__^ It was supposed to be a little confusing, I wanted to take away from the writing as well most of the visual images, I only left in things you could identify by touch, I'm not sure if I succeeded 😛 Thanks again!


  3. What a haunting story! The effect it had on me as a reader is precisely what I would expect a blind man to feel. You took this challenge in a very interesting direction, well done!


  4. I agree with the others… definitely haunting. Your descriptions bring a lot of depth to your writing. It's something I admire in your work. Well done here.


  5. There is so much more there beneath the unsaid words. My mind took this someplace horrifying, in it's premise. There is a haunting beauty in the way you describe his attachment.

    I doubt if any of us will see the same thing in these words, which in itself is great writing. (Hugs)Indigo


  6. I love that touch and memories create a world unclear. The layers are thick, heavy and uncomfortable which makes for a wonderful piece of writing



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